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July 19 2011

Laura is lying flat on the floor, no god can take her out of her world. Above her pink clouds are dreaming.
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July 09 2011

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lying flat on my back
above me a sea of clouds
I plunge right in
Tags: Haiku German
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July 08 2011

Jump into the river, follow the pull of the seahorse! Shore stays Shore.
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July 04 2011

Fantasy-hunger. Books can make you happy but Today too tired.
Tags: Senryū German
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June 29 2011

Translation: The different times of the day offer different qualities. In the morning sparrows are calling, in the afternoon cooking potatoe-soop. Finally, in the evening, stories arise.
(By Laura Luginsland)
Tags: Short German
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What's up? What do you want?
Just your peace of mind?
Well, then you have to go now...
Tags: Senryū German
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